Your Video Production Process With Us

Why It Matters to You

Video production can seem intricate, especially if you’re not deeply immersed in the industry. Yet, your comprehension of the entire process is invaluable. It enables you to actively shape the project and infuse it with your specific ideas and vision. This collaborative approach significantly enhances the probability of crafting a video that genuinely aligns with your objectives.

1. Discovery

In this initial phase, it’s all about you and your goals.

  • Inquiry: Your initial interaction with our team.
  • Discovery Meeting: The core of this introductory meeting is to ensure we fully grasp your aspirations and desires before we set things in motion.
  • Proposal: Following your ideas and needs, CENTAR CINEMA crafts a proposal outlining the project’s scope, ensuring cost transparency.
  • Kickoff Meeting: This pivotal starting point is where we collaboratively define the creative direction that perfectly matches your vision.

2. Pre-Production

During the pre-production phase, we lay the foundation for your vision.

  • Concept: We present various concepts and empower you to select the one that best reflects your brand and strategic goals.
  • Script: Here, we breathe life into your concept, creating a script that serves as the blueprint for your video. It details scenes, actions, and dialogues to be captured.
  • Assembling a Crew: The producer and creative director collaborate to select a production crew tailored to your project.
  • Talent, Locations, and Props: Our team takes charge at this stage, handling casting, location scouting, and props. We provide you with options that align with your project.
  • Storyboard: The storyboard visually interprets the script, providing a shot-by-shot or scene-by-scene insight into the technical execution of your vision.

3. Production

This is the moment when your vision becomes reality.

  • Production Day: On set, our production team and talent work together to capture all essential footage. The filming duration varies based on your project’s specifics, and we welcome your presence on location. If you can’t be there in person, our live stream option allows you to be part of the process.

4. Post-Production

Here, we refine your vision by bringing all the elements together.

  • Rough Cut: The rough cut offers a preliminary glimpse of your video’s direction. It’s the uncolored and unmixed version, providing an opportunity for you to ensure we’re on the right track. General feedback is welcome, with detailed technical editing taking place after the video is picture-locked.
  • Mastering: At this stage, your video undergoes the transformation from good to extraordinary. We enhance visual quality with final color grading and achieve crystal-clear audio with sound mixing. Watermarks are removed for a polished look.
  • Final Delivery: Once the video gets your approval, we export all necessary video formats for distribution, delivering them through a downloadable link. If you require raw video files, project files, images, music, or other assets for future use, we provide full asset delivery.

Understanding our video production process empowers you to play an active role in turning your vision into a reality. This collaborative approach is central to creating a video that genuinely represents your unique goals and objectives.